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So Y’all Need To Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, and Hide Yo Husband Cause They Rapin’ Errbody Out Here! xD


First off, these two videos are a MUST SEE!!! [Please watch both of them IN ORDER or else it won’t make sense]

The next one is a VERY funny “remix” of the situation. Of course, Antoine is aware of this next video and has accepted it because it has made him a very famous YouTube-er.

Comment with what you think of the video! 🙂

My favorite thing about the videos is the guy’s facials, they are really exaggerated and outrageously hilarious! 😀

Okay, now to continue on!

Tomorrow I [hopefully] get my first paycheck! And of course I’ll be keeping a promise I made a while back by buying “This Is It”. Shocking that I don’t have it, right?

I am so excited because I’ll get my own bank account and Credit Card! 🙂

I also have a solo for a dance that one of the girl’s on the dance team is creating. I am really shy/ awkward when put in these kinds of situations though, so I have to work hard to make it look “official” and not so awkward. LOL

Other than that, I have this fundraiser thing to do on Saturday for Dance so that we can have another choreographer come in.

Speaking of Dance, if you know of any Dance groups that would like to perform in a high school “festival”, let me know!!

A festival is an event where the dance team shows their dances to audiences that are willing to buy tickets. I think this is a fundraiser of some sort. It will be my first festival, if they leave it for November 13, instead of the 20th.

“We got yo T-shirt wit’ ya’ll little fingerprints and all. You are so dumb. You are really dumb, for real…. You don’t have to come and confess that you did. We’re lookin’ for you, we’re gonna find you. I’mma let you know now. So you can run and tell THAT, homeboy.” -Antoine Dodson’s warning to rapist xD

Sweet dreams of Antoine Dodson, for real! xD



I didn’t get eaten by my upper classmen! :)


Today was the first day of high school, and guess what?! I SURVIVED!

My Schedule Goes As Follows:

1st Period- Alg 2 (Trig?) [still unsure if I’ll keep that one]

2nd Period- Biology

3rd Period- Intro to Principle Design [looks like major fun cause we work with photoshop!]

4th Period- Honors English

5th Period- Dance

6th Period- Spanish [hahaha. I speak Spanish already so I’m definetely ahead of everyone else!(: ]

Today was great, I almost got lost ONCE, but I just kept going and found the class before the bell even rang! 🙂 Many people there are super nice and it’s really helpful to a clueless little freshmen like me! xD

I made somewhere between 8-12 new friends. All in one day! 🙂

Not only was it my first school day, but also my first work day too. I won’t say where I work because I’m not sure if it’s okay to even talk about it, but anyway: I help set up in the morning and sell lunch with this really nice lady. The morning part was fun because we just handled cookies and set up the big room for lunch, but the lunch was HECTIC. I had to learn how to manage the touch screen cash register, which is harder than it sounds, give right amounts of change, AND take orders while punching in the ones that the lady was taking at the same time. My break wasn’t very long afterwards, but I know it will probably be easier as the days go on and I start getting used to the situation.

I am currently very tired and it is only 5 PM where I live, so I will probably write some more before I go to sleep.

Buenos Dias!