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“Mommy, she beat me”

Okay, first off, you MUST watch the following video. You will seriously be laughing like crazy. It’s about these siblings [boy and girl] who just got done having their wisdom teeth pulled out and they are really high from the medication.

[Click on the quote under this statement.]

“Mom, who is she?” “She’s your sister, it’s your sister” “I’VE NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE, MOM!” “Settle down, she’s a good person. She’s your friend” 😥 “Mom…she’s touching me”

Comment with thoughts(:

I had a pretty lame day today because it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but this video really brightened my day.

I must write out some notes for English now, so Deuces!


PS: Holy cow, my mom’s dad just died. Yesterday she was talking about how you should be nice to your parents and respect them because once they’re gone, you’re left with regret. The situation here was that her dad got a stroke and after that, her oldest brother started telling their dad bad stuff about my mom. He told him that she hated him and she never wanted to see him again [etc]. So my mom and him stopped talking. My siblings, father, and I did say hi to him and were nice to him, but she just didn’t speak to him. Last year when we went to go visit my mom’s family in Mexico, my grandpa didn’t even recognize us because his memory and everything else was starting to get defected. Lately he had been mistreated, hadn’t really eaten well, and only slept. A couple of minutes ago my mom found out he passed and she is probably regretting that she didn’t speak to him. Now she must call her sister, whom she doesn’t speak to, and break the news. I’m just barely starting to realize what has happened. So I’m just going to take it easy for a while.


Short school day(:

So today we got out of school at 12:06 and so I got home early cause my mom picked me and my sister up!(:

I ended up helping out in Mrs. Rosenburgs’s classroom where they have the preschool kids (and my cousin, Alyssa) 🙂

“Being around old people for so long makes you forget how cute the young ones are” -Kimberly Ruiz-Flores(:

I didn’t feel like doing my english homework so I obviously skipped that. I did [excitedly] accomplish my math and Spanish homework though(:

I am definitely craving a cinnamon twist from school so I can’t wait for that 😀

O-M-G!!!! I cannot believe that October begins next Friday. This year has gone by incredibly fast! :/

Well, I am super duper tired, but before I go, I want to leave a little math problem from today’s math homework. Comment by Friday and I’ll post the answer on Friday when I make my entry(:

That took me forever to type out! xD especially cause I’m doing it from my iPod touch.
BTW: the p^2 is p squared for those of you who don’t understand that.
Okay. Peace peeps.

Good night and sweet dreams of figuring out the simplified form of the polynomial given 😀

PS: I figured out yesterday that a little effort in fixing my hair shows dramatically. So always make an effort! It definitely shows whether or not you personally notice it(x

September 21, 2010

Today was a very easy day(x
I was caught up with my math hw and just had to do today’s but I finished it in class so I had no homework.
I slept all flipping day and only woke up once to check my phone xD
Overall it was a very easy day(:
One of the guys greeted me by name so that was cool. Lol.
I’m hearing bad stuff about a buddy on his ex’s page. I need to remember to ask him about it tomorrow!
Hmmmm…. Oh! Tomorrow is early dismissal so I get out of school at 12:06 and don’t have to work so I’m free to go home =D
So excited!
Especially for sandra’s upcoming party. Can’t wait to see everyone again(:
¡Tengo sueño! Aun que me dormi todo el dia. xD
(for those of you who don’t speak Spanish: “I’m sleepy! Even thought I slept all day.” xD)
I’m pretty sure that’s the only news I have to share today.
¡Buenas noches!
And sweet dreams of cute boys/girls!(:

OMG school tomorrow :O

Well, I finished those notes today because I had no choice. LOL.

Lesson learned… well maybe not. I have procrastinated many times before and I never quite learn my lesson.

hmm…. My buddy Edgar “Milkshake” Chavez is going to check out my blog, so a shout out to him! LOL.

hey, let me know if you check out my blog and I’ll leave you a shout out too!(:

My day consisted of: going to walmart, playing My Sims: Kingdom for Nintendo DS, cleaning my room, doing homework, avoiding homework for a little, and texting my buddies!

It seems that tomorrow is the first day of school and I am definetely nervous on account of that I am going to a whole different school where I won’t know anyone besides my sister and the dance team. Go Chargers!

I for some reason always include Michael Jackson in my blogs, so what the hay! Michael Jackson is bomb diggity! Oh! guess I have to categorize this post into Michael Jackson cause I mentioned him, now. LOL.

I am soo weird, I know!(:

Well, I’m going to read Janet Evanovich’s Seven On Top, now soooooo:

Good Night And Sweet Dreams of a crazy Stephanie Plum or a hot Joe Morelli. (:


Laziness Should Be A Crime

Well, I did get to clean my room. It was a drag.

I have been putting off my school homework this whole summer though and now I have tomorrow to write out 4 SparkNotes on the following books:

Of Mice And Men

In The Time Of The Butterflies

Farenheit 451

The Old Man And The Sea

It doesn’t sound like much, but it is honestly so difficult to accomplish something like that. It was a drag having to read the books in the first place and now I have to write notes on those stupid books?

I can see why we should write notes, as proof that we read them, but I could probably summarize all of them in a detailed explanation if I had to. I find these “important” notes very UNimportant.

I think that if I leave them for tomorrow I will be in a rush to do them, so of course I will get them done. Unless my mom thinks otherwise, then I’m screwed.

You may or may not ask in your mind right now: What the hell could you possibly do all day to avoid such homework?

Well, let’s see: I cooked breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, babysat for the hell of it, listened to rare Michael Jackson MP3’s on youtube, worked out with my brother, checked my various emails and websites many times throughout the day, and updated my lovely blog! Quite a busy day, don’t you think?

BTW: These are some pretty cool rare songs from Michael Jackson for the fans or interested:

Scared of the Moon

On the Line

The Way You Love Me

Forever Came Today

If You Don’t Love Me

Monkey Business

Sunset Driver


Hold My Hand

Billie Jean & Wanna Be Startin Somethin from This Is It Rehearsals

Note To Self: Don’t put off what you can do today, tomorrow.

Any advice you have in mind? *COMMENT* (:

I think I’ll start on those notes now.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams of books, notes, homework, and school!

[props to Edgar “Milkshake” Chavez for introducing me to “Sweet Dreams of…”]