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Shop Till Ya Drop, HOLLAH!

Today we went shopping for my dress that I’m going to wear at my birthday party. I had this perfect wedding dress in mind. It didn’t look like a wedding dress though cause it was a mermaid dress, but anyway! I had to settle for this other dress that is SIMILAR but not as elegant. D:

It’s pretty, but I didn’t completely “love” it like the other one. My mom said it was pretty but that was because she doesn’t like shopping with me and just wanted me to hurry up. I’m not sure what to do because my parents already reserved it and payed the down payment to assure that it’s reserved. This kinda sucks, but it’s the ONLY mermaid dress that they had in that area that I actually liked.

BTW: for me to like something is kind of impossible because I am incredibly picky and will speak my mind when I don’t like/ agree with something. Even I find myself annoying at times because of this, but I can’t help it.

This little trait of mine is really lame though too because I usually end up with some alternative to what I wanted and not quite EXACTLY what I wanted and it just disappoints/ pisses me off. It gets really stressful on everyone.

Other than that, I got a pretty crown 🙂 and my invitations are about halfway done. I really don’t want to see another invitation after this or I’ll barf xD

We use feathers on them so there’s feathers EVERYWHERE downstairs. It’s funny/ annoying/ weird/ idk what else, but yeah!

okay, well tomorrow we have dance pictures, but I hope we don’t because my shoes aren’t washed and I can’t ask my mom to do it or else she’ll get pissed cause I left it for the last minute LOL

okay, I have to go.

Sweet Dreams peeps 🙂



So Y’all Need To Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, and Hide Yo Husband Cause They Rapin’ Errbody Out Here! xD


First off, these two videos are a MUST SEE!!! [Please watch both of them IN ORDER or else it won’t make sense]

The next one is a VERY funny “remix” of the situation. Of course, Antoine is aware of this next video and has accepted it because it has made him a very famous YouTube-er.

Comment with what you think of the video! 🙂

My favorite thing about the videos is the guy’s facials, they are really exaggerated and outrageously hilarious! 😀

Okay, now to continue on!

Tomorrow I [hopefully] get my first paycheck! And of course I’ll be keeping a promise I made a while back by buying “This Is It”. Shocking that I don’t have it, right?

I am so excited because I’ll get my own bank account and Credit Card! 🙂

I also have a solo for a dance that one of the girl’s on the dance team is creating. I am really shy/ awkward when put in these kinds of situations though, so I have to work hard to make it look “official” and not so awkward. LOL

Other than that, I have this fundraiser thing to do on Saturday for Dance so that we can have another choreographer come in.

Speaking of Dance, if you know of any Dance groups that would like to perform in a high school “festival”, let me know!!

A festival is an event where the dance team shows their dances to audiences that are willing to buy tickets. I think this is a fundraiser of some sort. It will be my first festival, if they leave it for November 13, instead of the 20th.

“We got yo T-shirt wit’ ya’ll little fingerprints and all. You are so dumb. You are really dumb, for real…. You don’t have to come and confess that you did. We’re lookin’ for you, we’re gonna find you. I’mma let you know now. So you can run and tell THAT, homeboy.” -Antoine Dodson’s warning to rapist xD

Sweet dreams of Antoine Dodson, for real! xD


Not Much…

Not much has happened since my last blog besides the fact that we performed at last Friday’s [October 1] football game.

It was pretty disappointing because the sound guy messed up and kept pressing play until he finally realized that the volume was low. So the music got messed up, but the team coped pretty well. Everyone was impressed.

Today wasn’t a very good day. First of all, I hadn’t had good night’s sleep since sunday because I watched The Fourth Kind and it really creeped me out. I know this sounds childish, but it’s true. Then some other stuff happened to make it bad. And I found out today that our Dance Festival is on the same day I was planning to do my birthday party on so I don’t know if I’m even going to have a party at all. It really makes me frustrated that this is supposed to be my special year because I’m turning 15, but it’s going bad.

My real birthday is on December 25, but no one would give up their christmas to come so that crosses off that Saturday. My mom is leaving to Mexico for the previous two Saturdays [December 11 & 18] so we can’t do it then. There’s a birthday party for a family member on the 4th. My aunt is working on the 27th of November so we can’t do it then because we are going to use her house. That left the 20th, but now we have to figure something out or else nothing’s happening because the 13th of November is too soon and too early. I am very upset about this. Why can’t we have this Dance Festival on the 27th?!

“You should be watching me. You should feel threatened. While you sleep, while you creep, you should be threatened. Every time your lady speaks, she speaks to me. Threatened. Half of me, you’ll never be so you should be threatened by me.” -“Threatened” by Michael Jackson


14 Days away…. sorry :(

Well, first off:

I had my first football halftime performance with my dance team! I had so much fun!

To see the picture from OC Varsity, click:

I am the one on the far left that looks like a chicken. LMAO. This is a horrible picture of me. Everyone looks so serene and pretty and then there’s big ol’ chicken- me.

We performed “Hello Good Morning RMX” and “I Can Transform Ya'”.

The game ended up: Edison 27- Dana Hills 21

A lot has happened since my last post. I met new friends, created a crush on one of the football players, but I’m keeping the name a secret!

I changed my schedule sometime in the past 2 weeks because I got put into Spanish 2 and I LOVE my new schedule, except for my Honors English class. I hate it.

Period 1- Algebra 2/Trig [I kept this class]

Period 2- Spanish 2 [so much fun!]

Period 3- Intro to Principal Design [Same and still fun] 🙂

Period 4- Honors English [boring, same]

Period 5- Dance [fun, same]

Period 6- Biology [very cool]

[If I put “same”, that means that those classes didn’t change from my previous schedule]

hm… I can’t think of much else, but today is a fiesta day [for once].

I have to go to my dad’s cousin’s son’s birthday party over in Chino Hills which is probably going to be somewhat fun? So if you have my number, text mehh!(:

BTW: I downloaded the latest Safari and iTunes from Apple and I love Safari more than Internet Explorer! So don’t be afraid to do something new each day, even if it’s something as small as changing your web browser. 🙂

Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi


PS: I want to start a quote of the day, so just a heads up. And it will be from whatever source. [Music lyrics, famous person, someone’s status, etc.]


OMG. okay. Today was a GREAT day, but I was literally at school for 16 hours!!!!! 16/24 is basically 2/3 of my day at school….. crazy and tiring!

Instead of practicing dance 5th period, we set up for our “Out of this World” dance and dressed up according to the theme.

We kept decorating and such till around 5 and we went to go get ourselves ready.

In my opinion, the dance was a big success because I thought less people were going to go since the freshmen were going to bombard it. There were a lot of sophomores, juniors, and seniors though, which is a very good thing!

I was a little dissapointed at a few things:

1. How some of the girls dressed:

they honestly dressed like they were going to a club or bar. some wore cute themed clothing, but others were just too…… ummm….. SLUTTY! It’s a school dance, not your favorite club in L.A!

2. How some people danced:

there was a whole side of the cafeteria where people were just making out or doing other gross stuff like in the middle of the dancing. I mean there were a lot of cool people dancing and just having fun, but there’s a defference between having fun and just being there to make out and do things you normally couldn’t do in front of your parents.

I had lots of fun, but it was really tiring and I was just about to go to sleep when I remembered that I had to update this! So, feel special: whoever reads this cause I was close to just blowin it off, but you got the news fresh from the oven ;D


OMG school tomorrow :O

Well, I finished those notes today because I had no choice. LOL.

Lesson learned… well maybe not. I have procrastinated many times before and I never quite learn my lesson.

hmm…. My buddy Edgar “Milkshake” Chavez is going to check out my blog, so a shout out to him! LOL.

hey, let me know if you check out my blog and I’ll leave you a shout out too!(:

My day consisted of: going to walmart, playing My Sims: Kingdom for Nintendo DS, cleaning my room, doing homework, avoiding homework for a little, and texting my buddies!

It seems that tomorrow is the first day of school and I am definetely nervous on account of that I am going to a whole different school where I won’t know anyone besides my sister and the dance team. Go Chargers!

I for some reason always include Michael Jackson in my blogs, so what the hay! Michael Jackson is bomb diggity! Oh! guess I have to categorize this post into Michael Jackson cause I mentioned him, now. LOL.

I am soo weird, I know!(:

Well, I’m going to read Janet Evanovich’s Seven On Top, now soooooo:

Good Night And Sweet Dreams of a crazy Stephanie Plum or a hot Joe Morelli. (: