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What’s your favorite video game?

hmmm…. my favorites would be…
The Experience,
The Sims 3,
XMAS Chef [ipod],
Moonwalker [the arcade game, so old<3],
…and that’s all I can think of for now 🙂

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂


r u a virgin? just answer it :]

of course I am. Who would be stupid enough to do it at this age?
The moment you can answer "yes" to the following questions is the moment you could lose it:
"Can I be a better parent than mine?"
"Can I afford to keep myself and the child alive?"

No child should have to suffer through the consequences of their parents’ actions. & if you can’t even look after yourself, why take a risk?
Case closed, no

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

hmmm….. it would probably have to be the Michael Jackson bobble head because I didn’t even know they made MJ bobbleheads 😀
other than that, my hello kitty CD player, but it broke 😦

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂

There’s a 16 g for the 4th gen iPod?!? lol :o

I just want an ipod with a bigger capacity than just 8gb causeeee mine sucks butt! [it only has 8gb] :/

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂

What do you want for Christmas? :]

I want:
Michael Jackson: The Experience for Wii
Diverse [MJ videos]
The Ultimate Collection [5 Discs]
a straightener [the one from costco]
This Is It
Ipod touch 4g 16 gb 🙂

a text/phone call on my bday [DECEMBER 25 (yes, xmas)]
anything MJ you find 🙂
gift cards, maybe? 🙂
holiday socks? ;D
anything that’s christmas-y [ill totally wear it] 🙂

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂

It’s not obsesstion ; It’s love with a passion (: .

This made me smile…. 🙂
This is completely 100% true, but there’s more to it than just that….

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂

R U obsessed with MJ?

You know, I never really considered it a true obsession until recently….
I always just thought of him as a hero, leader, my role model.
Something happened recently, and I turn to him for comfort… This sounds really bizarre, but Michael is my escape….
I never really talk about the true connection between me and him…. Sure, he has some great music, but this goes beyond that.
It’s really hard to explain, but in a way I am and am not.
I am because I feel the need to see his face, hear his voice, feel his emotions.. every day…. I just can never get enough of him… And it’s hard, it really is, to stop. I’ve tried, but he’s been a part of me for so long, that I just can’t avoid/deny it…
I am not obsessed. I don’t reveal most of my inner thoughts, but if you knew where this all formed and why he’s been with me for so long, you would understand and agree that it’s not really an obsession… :/

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂

Do you believe any of the allegations against MJ? Do think he was a strange man?

I know Michael Jackson was not a child molestor. If you really knew his real personality, like I do, you would understand that it could never be in his heart to harm a child like that.
He really, truly worshipped children. He believed innocence was the most beautiful thing. It’s all great. I almost start crying when I think about this stuff. He was a great man, very loving indeed.

I don’t think he was strange, very unique, but not strange. There’s this long explanation about this in the book I just read. He used mystery to his advantage. He knew that if he concealed part of himself, people would want to know more, therefore making him more famous.
He was so unique, so much more different, he became lonely. People did not understand him, they took it as intimidation, when really he’s probably the sweetest person in the world.

He was a genius. but in simple terms, I know the allegations of child abuse against him are false, the accuser’s parents wanted money, they needed it and Michael, unfortunately, trusted the wrong people.
And no, I do not think he was strange, just incredibly unique<3

You ask, I answer; simple as that! 🙂