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Laziness Should Be A Crime

Well, I did get to clean my room. It was a drag.

I have been putting off my school homework this whole summer though and now I have tomorrow to write out 4 SparkNotes on the following books:

Of Mice And Men

In The Time Of The Butterflies

Farenheit 451

The Old Man And The Sea

It doesn’t sound like much, but it is honestly so difficult to accomplish something like that. It was a drag having to read the books in the first place and now I have to write notes on those stupid books?

I can see why we should write notes, as proof that we read them, but I could probably summarize all of them in a detailed explanation if I had to. I find these “important” notes very UNimportant.

I think that if I leave them for tomorrow I will be in a rush to do them, so of course I will get them done. Unless my mom thinks otherwise, then I’m screwed.

You may or may not ask in your mind right now: What the hell could you possibly do all day to avoid such homework?

Well, let’s see: I cooked breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, babysat for the hell of it, listened to rare Michael Jackson MP3’s on youtube, worked out with my brother, checked my various emails and websites many times throughout the day, and updated my lovely blog! Quite a busy day, don’t you think?

BTW: These are some pretty cool rare songs from Michael Jackson for the fans or interested:

Scared of the Moon

On the Line

The Way You Love Me

Forever Came Today

If You Don’t Love Me

Monkey Business

Sunset Driver


Hold My Hand

Billie Jean & Wanna Be Startin Somethin from This Is It Rehearsals

Note To Self: Don’t put off what you can do today, tomorrow.

Any advice you have in mind? *COMMENT* (:

I think I’ll start on those notes now.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams of books, notes, homework, and school!

[props to Edgar “Milkshake” Chavez for introducing me to “Sweet Dreams of…”]



Michael Jackson’s Birthday

Michael Jackson: Forever Young

Michael Jackson as his true self

Yesterday was the King of Pop’s birthday for those of you who might not have known. It is truly a special day and I would love to make it an official holiday because Michael was simply an important person who changed our world completely. I don’t think anyone out there can say that Michael didn’t have any influence at all on today’s music whatsoever. Michael Jackson was a part of many generations. He was definitely a part of my parents’ and mine. Hopefully he will take place in my children’s lives too.

He was to be 52 this year. I don’t think I can imagine him growing old. He was input in our memories and minds as the young, fresh, and upbeat bachelor who couldn’t stop singing number 1 hits. He was truly a gift from God, anyone could see that much.

If he doesn’t deserve a place in your heart or even a day of recognition, I don’t know who will. He reigned as the King, YEARS, before I was born and yet I fully appreciate his everything. I can’t fully express how much I admire him. I understand how unsatisfied he was with himself, but I don’t understand why he couldn’t see how many fans loved him and how much they loved him.

I want to end this on a positive note by stating that he is a true legend that will be told about in stories for years to come and his music shall live on forever. Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson,

“the true King of Pop, Rock, and Soul” -Elizabeth Taylor, 1989

Good night and “Sweet Dreams of moonwalking and crotch grabbing”


Happy Birthday Lisa [From the Simpson\’s Episode: \”Stark Raving Dad\”]